Maple syrup Vs Maple flavored syrup

Maple syrup has a unique characteristic depth of flavor which is sourced from sap of maple tree. Maple flavored syrup is made up of mixture of sotolon, furanones and other organic compounds, sweetened by fructose corn syrup; smells and tastes same as maple syrup with a subtle difference. That makes it available at cheaper cost.… Continue reading Maple syrup Vs Maple flavored syrup

Does rice at an eatery make you sick? Here is why

They say reheating rice cause food poisoning. So, what happens when you reheat half cooked rice in frozen packs from supermarket. It hasn’t had people running to the loo. So it’s the method of storing rice after it has been cooked. When rice is cooked, and set in a container or a casserole pan, the… Continue reading Does rice at an eatery make you sick? Here is why

From sun god to the Son God

Catching glimpse of nomadic civilization in North Mexico might make you feel alarmed. We could find this here and there when we get into history of any civilization  That’s negligence of humane values, loss of human life due to far greater respect for nature. Dating back to AD1200, in North Mexico was a group called Aztecs. They were… Continue reading From sun god to the Son God

Jerusalem and Mecca

Dear Readers, Happy Wednesday! I found this quite intriguing hence sharing. Muhammad and his followers revered the Old Testament and prayed facing Jerusalem. Jews in Mecca were distressed and further disaffirmed it. He claimed his ancestry of Abraham and Moses which Jews ultimately negated the claim that Abraham (Ibrahim) was a Muslim. Finally he broke… Continue reading Jerusalem and Mecca