Maple syrup Vs Maple flavored syrup

Maple syrup has a unique characteristic depth of flavor which is sourced from sap of maple tree. Maple flavored syrup is made up of mixture of sotolon, furanones and other organic compounds, sweetened by fructose corn syrup; smells and tastes same as maple syrup with a subtle difference. That makes it available at cheaper cost. Flavoring agents are taken from fenugreek seed. Can you believe this?

Sap from maple tree
Pic source: Pixabay

Always check the label and if there’s any difference in color, taste or smell, it’s better to give them a call and ask why. Although maple syrup is found in different shades of brown so it can be used for different purposes such as cooking, baking, sweetening and face mask, maple flavored syrup appears light brown.

Maple syrup is loaded with antioxidants, plant based nutrients, minerals such as Zinc and Manganese according to research. Leaves prepare sugars during photosynthesis and store them in roots so it can be used during winter or snow and is mainly found in Canada. Sap rises from the root and this is collected, boiled, and reduced to make maple syrup. This is so good and I personally do not prefer an alternate. Anything that says maple but doesn’t come from maple tree is artificial.

Check your label too.


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