Does rice at an eatery make you sick? Here is why

They say reheating rice cause food poisoning. So, what happens when you reheat half cooked rice in frozen packs from supermarket. It hasn’t had people running to the loo. So it’s the method of storing rice after it has been cooked.

When rice is cooked, and set in a container or a casserole pan, the temperature goes down gradually. That makes a perfect ground for bacteria (Bacillus cereus) to spread spores, multiply, give away their toxins and makes it unsafe to eat. And why they do that? It’s simple. Bacteria needs food, warmth and dampness (moisture) to support their growth.  


At home, what can we do to stop bacteria from getting on to our food? Simply change the temperature. After it’s been prepared, quickly serve it hot. If it’s supposed to be used later, then transfer rice onto a strainer and run cold water so it cools down rapidly. This can be kept in refrigerator for a day only. Next day, reheat just once. Make sure, it’s very hot and serve it quickly.

At a food factory, frozen rice packs are carefully prepared by steam boiling above boiling point and a blast of nitrogen, given at the end of the process and sealed immediately.  That way, rice is half cooked and nitrogen gas inhibits the growth of microbes inside the food packs when stored at 1 degree C for 5 days.


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