What makes garlic so garlicky?

If you had tasted few bits of raw garlic or a freshly prepared dish loaded with garlic, you might have come across the biggest stench of your life. Here’s the case : every squirt of garlicky goodness contains an enzyme called allinase which gives away garlic volatiles containing sulphur. Now these are gases, ready to be diffused into our system. One of them is Allyl Methyl Sulphide(AMS), formed in the gut. These Sulphur containing compounds are not completely metabolized in our body so our blood carrying the compounds runs its course, taking it to lungs, skin and all organs. Hence the stench can remain for even more than 24 hours.

Oral microbes play a role while they digest food particles in the mouth. Halimeter readings can still determine garlic breath through exhaled air after 4 hours.

Allyl Methyl Sulphide

Now, let’s think about solutions to deodorize garlic smell or reduce the odor

  1. Quickly destroy allinase enzyme and minimize formation of garlic volatiles:

Acidic foods and drinks like lemon juice, anything with pH of less than 3.6 such as wines, strawberries, sauerkraut, rhubarb, raspberries, plums, dill, oranges, olives, limes, cranberry juice can destroy enzyme structure.

  1. Milk with its fat content can reduce hydrophobic compounds such as AMS. Milk can combine well with garlic volatiles while eaten at the same time.

  1. Foods with enzyme Polyphenol oxidase can deodorize garlic odor and reduce formation of AMS. Examples: Apples, pears, green tea, coffee and all foods that change colour when it comes in contact with oxygen.


Click this link for 100 DIETARY SOURCES OF POLYPHENOLS  http://www.nature.com/ejcn/journal/v64/n3s/fig_tab/ejcn2010221t1.html

Who is ready for Garlic chicken??




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