Cut for goodness’ sake

Here is a case of a happy looking diced tomato proposing the surety of 100% nutrients along with antioxidants, lycopene and a bruised and torn tomato which cries for help, not to be thrown away.

Now let’s see who wins

tomatoes-646645_1280  tomato-soup-482403_1280

Most of us love to have all kinds of salads and so we tend to add in extra loads of veggies with fewer cuts, right? It is delicious indeed. Let us also consider tomato pulp or puree which is obtained by blanching, stripping and grinding. They don’t look appealing at first but as a gravy or sauce, tastes yummier than it appears.

What really happens when we blanch and grind is interesting.

Chopping a veggie makes numerous bits and cooking/ heat opens the cells thereby all the contents including antioxidants and nutrients are extracted beautifully from the veggie. Grinding again extracts and enables the content to be easily absorbed into our system. While salad lovers have their extraordinary bowl of veggies, cut in halves or quarters, in a form which does not enable ready absorption; smoothie on the other hand makes it a complete nourishing drink.

That’s why today our winner is blanched, bruised and torn tomato… YIPPEEE

tomatoes-1580273_640 pasta-1463929_640

Dear courteous readers, I took a break from blogging some months ago and indulged in reading plus other activities which I would discuss later on. I now have a 11-month-old eager beaver joining me for blogging and I’m keeping a careful eye on him as he blogs while I’m away. I missed you all and I’m glad to be back on track.

When the cat’s away, the mice will play





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