“Who made God? ” : Book review from a child’s viewpoint

Who made God?

It happened one day when my son asked me “Who made God?” while he was shaping his playdough and that reminded me of something.  Earlier that week, my lovely neighbour, Elvie shared her love for this book “Who made God? And other things we wonder about” for ages 4-7.  I read the book and was well assured that it will definitely answer all of his questions. His eyes were wide open and keen as we opened this book (it was very funny to watch him  🙂 )

Without a book, I would usually take some time to think, process, use simple words so a 5 year old can understand better without being confused.  That’s when primary school teachers come in. Being a mum, I think it’s an art and a challenge to convey sensibly and precisely. (oh..remembering the day he asked me the difference between a forest and a jungle)

Larry Libby, the author of this book had put in a way I would expect. He had answered all of little people’s questions like What does God do all day?, What does God look like?, Can I hide from God?, Why doesn’t God talk to me out loud? . Every answer is based on a Bible verse which makes sense.

Corbert Gauthier, the illustrator had made the book so appealing, vivid and enchanting to the kids and adults alike.

This great book can also be introduced at Early Childhood Education Centres as it creates a warm and comforting atmosphere. The other day, I was reading out for my friend’s daughter who is 6 years old. She absolutely loved it and kept cheering for more.

This book can be purchased at www.koorong.comwww.amazon.com.auwww.zondervan.com

There is just one person who is awesome and that is God Almighty.





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