Three means…

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To say what I know about the number 3 can be a story to remember.  My son is a God-given, adorable angel and I’m seeing him enter into his 4th year. Now that his 3rd year is over, I  know what number 3 means to me. It’s so much a reflection of love and fun.

Here’s what it is:

  • Cutting a rubber ball with a knife into two equal halves as if trying a MasterChef masterclass technique of cutting an orange.
  • Doodling and continuing to doodle till it resembles a bunch of sea weed and mosquitoes and calling it “Mummy”.

Pic 1
Not the actual blogger
  • I suppose this one has to be the national flag of his dreamy fairyland.

Pic 2


  • Drawing eggs in every form, the latest was an omlette with the black center presumed to be the yolk.
  • Chortling when I make a point (That’s when I forget the point).
  • Sneaking into the other room to have a try with the new gagdet.
  • Folding his clothes with his tiny dexterous hands.
  • Dropping off washed clothes as an act of trying to help with the laundry.
  • Wanting to wear his Lightning McQueen shirt for five days in a row and still looking forward to wearing it again.
  • Asking if anyone needs a glass of Cactus juice (after watching “Sheriff Callie” on Disney Junior)
  •  Playing memory games with Playing cards.
  • Talking to his superhero TreeFu Tom in his sleep.
  • Mimicking Superhero’s power moves with all enthusiasm.
  • Rinsing his undies and asking for a hand to twist them to squeeze out the water.
  • Drawing beautifully on a wrinkled sheet of paper (something to be thrown into the garbage).

Pic 3

  • The list is endless. Innocence is charming and what is even more innocent is his baby eyes that do not lie. This is what 3 means to me.


Wanting to reminisce more wonderful moments let alone grumpy mummy days which follows after repeated failed attempts of putting him to bed and also included a sign of a day well-spent if my kid can get as messy as possibly can, remembering the fact that his pants were just bought yesterday.

(Shh) * My son said he had drawn a jellyfish, snake, snail & swordfish and many others. Can you find them.

Pic 4


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