Christmas Garlands

I just got passed a week of decorating home for Christmas. And that includes making Christmas garland.


They may be prepared in numerous ways, but in principle nearly all garlands have to have an element that repeats umpteen times in a wide range. 

I weaved this garland with a simple bifid heart as a starting point.


Two squares and a semi-circle make this basic unit. You can decide how big you require. A rough cutout can help to achieve the right size. I ended up making small hearts of garland… This garland is probably the easiest to merge; also easily repaired if it breaks, or something is braided wrong along the way.

Garland is made by merging the first two pairs, each consisting of two parts of double length, that are pushed against each other’s arms, so that the loose flaps hang at the bottom. Then the loose flaps of a merged set of the first set pairs with the loose flaps of the next set. Make sure the arm go through and over and not under and over the flaps.

This is the weaving pattern.

Merge the upper part first and weave in the adjacent loose flaps
The upper parts making a heart can overlap…

Now merge a new pair, which is then merged with the loose flaps at one end of the already merged portions. This can be continued for as long as you like. The garland can be terminated at each end with a portion of its length or half of its length (however you wish). If you later want to extend festoon, merge one of these parts, loop in elves and the additional pair can be merged on.

Made 3 separate garlands to fit in…

A thing about elves, I would like to add, I would better leave them on the shelves or fasten along the festoon. I wouldn’t prefer to show the spying vigil look of elves and the trip to North Pole to tell of the kids’ kindest and naughtiest acts. Or rather to bring in good gifts for not being a naughty child and sadly, to keep on remembering to move on new places as soon as they doze off


If you like this, you might want to look at Christmas Hearts

Happy Holidays!

More Love!



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