Christmas Hearts

Hi Folks!

Add few Christmas hearts to your tree and bring the best festive mood!

I’m delighted to share one of my decorations called Julehjerter in Danish which is a traditional art done by every member of the family in Denmark for Christmas. 

It’s simply braiding two paper pieces to form a heart, also including a space (on the inside of the heart) to fill in sweets and gifts. These Christmas hearts with surprises are hung on Christmas tree or just tied to the tree as a decoration.

Going by method, you will need coloured gloss sheets/ metallic sheets, compass, pencil, eraser, ruler, few paperclips.

To make things simpler, I have added few templates; one with simple checkerboard patterns and other with object as center piece. Print out the template, found below. Cut out the items, fold the gloss sheet to make a double, trace out onto the gloss sheets and cut precisely and you are ready to weave.

Weaving method


  1. Place the two items as shown.
  2. Insert the left white flap through the top colored leaf.
  3. Pull the white flap till the edges on both ends meet and the colored leaf hits the notch.
  4. Insert the top colored flap into the white flap on the right.
  5. Make sure the edges fit and the pieces together make a heart shape.
  6. Insert the colored loose flap into the white flap on the left first.
  7. Make sure it fits properly.
  8. Take the left out white flap on the bottom and insert into colored lower flap.
  9. Now Christmas heart is complete and takes a checkerboard pattern.

If the lines are straight, you can expect checkerboard patterns.

Follow Template 1

Making patterns of objects are not difficult if cut exactly like the template. Follow Template 2


Choosing the centre part as the main attraction, you can decide on which colored flap to be inserted first.

There must be a loop/handle on the upper parts where two pieces connect.  You can use a gloss paper cut out. Put some glue on the inside of the heart.  Or make a tiny hole through both the pieces and insert a golden twine.

I prefer to write the date on the inside of one arc, and maybe even stick Christmas seal inside and fill them up with surprises on Christmas eve.

This can be made in a day only if properly cut and inserted.

If the heart has been slightly curled along the way, it can be in pressure overnight.

Hope you enjoyed and show me yours…

Much love always!



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