Son-ly intervention- Chocolate Chip Cookies

Munch, Munch… Hello everyone !

Glad to have discovered a good old recipe… Hold that thought.

All the while, I had been baking a mix of whatever heaps I hit. So it struck me that I try to follow a proper recipe and turned out amazing. 

I tried out

Double chocolate chip cookies
Double chocolate chip cookies

It was absolutely scrumptious ….Remembering when I was younger, my mom who always said “Don’t talk and stalk while I cook” ‘cause I mess her cooking and creating amazing stuff  starts in the kitchen; and I had been called the coolest culprit for her over- roasted potatoes and extremely salted rice (Trust me, I did nothing). Here, my son constantly talks while I cook and bake… Mommy, I hurt my legs or I need to watch Dumbo / Lightning McQueen. Given a moment, he coaxes me outside, hands me balloon or a kite for fun and play cum experiments. No wonder I finished preparing and baking in 20 minutes and absolutely delighted to watch my loved ones with my precious cookies.

Like any other cookies, they were rather soft and chewy once taken out of the oven; after few minutes in the wire rack, they turned crunchy.

Into the oven
Into the oven
Cooling down on a wire rack
Cooling down on a wire rack

*I used Nestle cocoa powder and Cadbury chocolate chip.

Enjoy your day!



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