Court of King Caractacus

IMG_5625 It was the end of season of “Lost Socks, Love & Lollipops in the Court of King Caractacus” by Ruby Productions. It took place in John Lees Centre, 15 Evan Street, Penrith, NSW, 2750. 

The drama starts with a busy King Caractacus signing document after documents. His beautiful Princess Carina who is raised motherless, interrupts him. And in few minutes, a messenger arrives carrying the “acceptance of love on condition” from Queen Saffira from a neighbouring land who is beautiful, elegant and dignified. Everyone except the King’s help pronounce His name wrong as Caractamuses, Carrot-cactus etc.. The condition to the King is to sing a song of love. The King trembles and knowing his weakness, shatters him. His accompanying helpers and jester finds a suitable trainer to fix his issue. His la(low)-la-la(high)  is tested and is found to be raucous with series of clinkers. Meanwhile Prince Eric son of Queen Saffira who was raised fatherless falls head over heels for Princess Carina. She imposes a condition to sketch her beautiful face which hints at a terrible mistake. Something strange happens every day when they find out socks and tights keeps going missing. Not a soul in the Court could comprehend. King meets Stan, the sock detective but he turns out to be the “sock thief” which the King and Prince find out at the end of the day.

This musical pantomime written by Craig Parris was all in all wrapped with fun and frolic, endearing and enduring painstaking hurdles, heart leaping with love and creeping with fear of daunting tasks, all at the same time. Great songs and hilarious indeed !

I commend Craig for an amazing show and look forward to many more such events.

At the end of the show, socks were found, loved ones were united and we were given lollipops  🙂

Rolf Harris’ “Court of King Caractacus” for your pleasure

Happy Weekend!



3 thoughts on “Court of King Caractacus

  1. Hi Rhema – thanks for the kind words about the show. Did you know someone in the cast? I’m certainly glad you enjoyed it – it was a long time in the making for me to get it up on a stage. (It looks like someone chewed your program, though …)

    1. Hi Craig! It was a sheer pleasure to come there. I never thought we would catch up here.I don’t know anyone in the cast. I’m always in a look out for musical pantomime. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

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