When hobby meets opportunity

It’s an Op shop!  Such a pleasure it is when it comes to making a bargain in op shops (opportunity shops) in every suburb besides stalls meant for donations to Cancer Council, NSW and other councils.

Oh the feel and smell of books! 3 sold for a dollar. There’s a wide range of books from old cookery guides, housekeeping guides, fictions, novella, how-to books. I was told “Sharing books is Australian mateship tradition”. Every time, the experience is magnetic and provocative. The presence of pale yellow pages, nostalgic of times unpredictable, carrying a scent of a victory note of early times then I’m ready to dig in. 

Recently I got

For love alone by Christina Stead

England Calling – William S Plowman (hand-signed 10 yrs ago)

The In-laws – David Rogers (Peter Falk caught my attention)

The Chambers – John Grisham

The street lawyer – John Grisham

The summons – John Grisham

The runaway jury – John Grisham

Alistair Maclean – The Guns of Navarone

Alistair Maclean – Fear is the sky

Alistair Maclean – HMS Ulysses

Kids Cook – Sarah & Zachary Williamson

Modern Mexico & Fresh Italian cookbook for General Mills

Bible comics for kids

Reader’s Digest Book of Facts

Dinner Party Cookbook – Australian Women’s weekly (carries the exact words in pencil “not suitable for transport in a car 1990)

Books for early readers

I never walk past an op shop without peeking. I find hand crafted Chinese tea cups, souvenir stuff, nanny’s crochet models of gloves, caps, warmers and other knick knacks and appear very much inviting to my taste.

4 op
Hawaii souvenir spoons

Then there’s a big crowd of ladies and elderly men of many ethnicities rummaging through enormous mountain of clothes trying to find the right ones for a smart bargain hence appear muddled all through the day. I find belts and hats pretty much wearable. No wonder the cost depends on the original price. I always find things with pricetags and never let it go when it’s half discounted. And boy, had I missed any; the hunt for vintage collection of belts and collectibles (with date on them) are never ending. The pleasure of eyeing every thing of beauty is matchless. I love the way it’s handed-on.

2 op
oh those belts !

Have a lovely week !




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