Cockington Green: A love affair

Last week we had the pleasure of visiting Cockington Green Gardens in Gold Creek, Canberra as few friends suggested and it turned out to be an amazing place to relax.

That's my son clicking his pics
That’s my son clicking his pics

It was a fine place to roll out the picnic mats, for barbecuing and take in all the goodness and tranquillity in the air. The arrangement and layout of the garden was graceful, neat and orderly. Watching my son observing every section of miniature buildings was delightful and there were places where he stood in awe and kept busy in starting toy train engines around the lawn. There were plenty of details and looked very real especially ones in English villages and towns, dating back to previous century. The flowers were blooming; I think this is the best time of the year although it would look pretty at other seasons of the year. The next half of the garden was furnished with main buildings from all countries and included miniature train riding on a thin strip of land covered with cute models of trees and tall remarkable plants.  Then there was a $3 steam train ride which encompassed the garden and felt like riding around the globe with all remarkable buildings of many countries. I deem it a pleasure and joy to watch miniatures just as the huge real ones.


Horse drawn canal boats were used in England before boats were motorised
Horse drawn canal boats were used in England before boats were motorized
Petra in Jordan
Petra in Jordan


There is a souvenir shop and a small old fashioned café where prices are to the worth of cost. Scones with jam looked home-made and comfy. Adult entry costs $18.50 and concessions can be availed for family…again, not a costly affair for tourists.  We spent 3 hours to stroll and pause every now and then. There is free parking area, some few metres away from the gardens in Gold Creek. If you need a taxi, the front desk staff is happy to arrange and taxi arrives in less than 5 minutes.

I promise it will never cease to amaze anyone in the future. I highly recommend if you plan a trip to Canberra. Gold Creek might be your wanderlust if you love to eat, shop and celebrate. And if you are a girl, you will never miss out “Emperor of Siam” 🙂

Happy weekend!




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