Fun Baby Fat that you can take pride of

It’s been more than a month since I blogged. A busy month though!

This day last month was my birthday, followed by my son’s 3rd birthday in 10 days and today is my mother-in-law’s. I had been occupied baking cakes and eating them whenever my stomach prompted. Now I’m clicking under my quilt with Miss Preggy’s stomach. You know what I mean..I always kept an eye on fitness and tummy tucking exercises like any other girl would but could never hold a minute as I’m on toes with my son.

I’m not a chaos wrangler but today I seemed like one and kinda settled now. Just an hour ago with mouthful of regrettably lip smacking lamb ribs at Ribs and Rumps, I’m back as a different person today. Stuff your tummy, call it baby fat and say you are proud of becoming a mommy.

When I was little, my mom hugged me with a big teddy bear hug. I felt her warmth of embrace. She was so full and could cover all over me. I now feel, all she tried was to appear so motherly. Every flavour scent from the kitchen glommed onto her clothes and would never stop humming under her breath. That’s my mom.  Once I was in my Dad’s place, just before the birth of my son and one of my Dad’s friends mistook her as his daughter(me), gentling enquiring about her health 🙂

I’ve decided to take pride of my baby fat. What about you?

Picture shown not the actual blogger … She is a beautiful mom as mine.


Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at




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