The reel and the real life

How many of us indulged into someone’s culture and upbringing and thought it was fun or thought that’s really absurd?

This is the saga of Indian folks. It was not just a tale of the past but still observed in many Indian families. I know this will definitely going to crack your egghead.

My parents did not encourage us (me and my brothers) to watch Indian cinemas due to the prevalence of sexual content and abusive language. After so many years, I wondered what it really feels like so I started to watch and judge for myself. Movie after movie, scene by scene, it was all in all love. It surprised me pretty much. There was never a movie with just a mystery or something whimsical. Love was all around.

People enjoyed watching movies in the cinema halls. When the hero was in love and running after trees, thinking it was his love, everyone laughed and girls cried & screamed. When he came running, his hair fell on his forehead and all the young boys Xeroxed his hairstyle, mimicking in every way. Moreover, the girls on the other side grasped all that’s on the show. Should I count all of that… Elder married couples, younger married couples, single and unmarried, almost everyone enjoyed watching. When the movie was finished and people were out of the hall and TVs, life was and is ABSOLUTELY different.

No one talks about love, relationship. People think the one who talks about it is a specialist. Everyone watched and relished the love, warmth and embrace (I judged at how people behaved at the cinema hall). Once out of the cinema halls, people see expressions of love as unwanted and disgusting; and as something that could have been avoided. What a pity! Not even a hint of love has permeated their hearts.

Every adult watches romantic movies and still hate the idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day. I don’t feel hushed to share about this. People accept whatever goes on the big screen and immediately become narrow minded as they turn to their respective homes. It still confuses children in India… Family and cinema were interlinked but not interrelated. Fathers (in general) hum the melodious and catchy number from the cinema and still scream when coffee isn’t handed to him on time. Where is love?

People in India never talk about sex but rape cases are ever increasing every new day. It’s saddening and depressing. It’s a big word to talk about and their faces turn red when asked to discuss.

Personally, I would feel squeezed and pressured to fit in a house where people never disclose issues like this. As a step to eradicate, schools have begun sex education. It intrigues the young minds to know more as adolescents should but in vain, the teachers skip the class. I studied in schools where this education and moral education were clubbed together. In some schools, AIDS awareness was added to it. I appreciate them. This is about civilized living.

Should one reckon love is just an act on TV?

Is there’s a silly scene you like to share?

Heart shape film reel


10 thoughts on “The reel and the real life

  1. I enjoy your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster blog award. Thank you for sharing your uplifting content. Read more about it in today’s post

  2. The culture somehow suppresses talking about sex and other related issues. Most often children do not even get proper education on sex and that messes up a lot of things. I think, rape emerges us one of the worst results of that… the other results could be failure in relationships, mental traumas and all. You have looked at certain aspects of it in a nice way. But to talk about it in a wider perspective could be a difficult task. 🙂
    Nice and thought provoking read.

  3. not sure how to convey my thoughts on your writing…..but have to admit I just got engrossed reading your words – and scene of my childhood just flashed as a reel in my mind. Absolutely splendid flow …..Keep it up girl 🙂

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