My surname story

My surname and my husband’s surname are always a wonder among the crowd and they raise their brow. When we go out to register for a membership or as a visitor, we are asked for our identities. And after we give them, we are asked once again if we are married. The fact that my surname and my son’s surname are the same but not my husband’s is always confusing. Back in Denmark, we had the same issue. A person in the embassy told my husband to bring a copy of marriage certificate of his and his son’s mother. We paused and we broke into laughter. Still it puzzled the man. Ha Ha …

Unlike Western culture, it’s patronymic in South India. The girl gets her father’s first name as her surname.So nomenclature for a wife becomes WIFE’S FIRST NAME & HUBBY’S FIRST NAME. So hubby’s name is his first name and his father’s first name as surname.

Wife’s identity got it all wrong. After every visit, I don’t feel what idea people get.  If my surname gets to change as my husband’s, I may seem like my mother-in-law which is not fair again.

What a funny story !



9 thoughts on “My surname story

  1. My mom is from Kerala and I had a very good friend during college from Tamil Nadu, where this is practised. I found it awesome that she was always called out by her first name as she went as L. R. Kavitha…. while I was referred to as Ms. George! You look lovely by the way, love your skin tone!! God bless!

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