A fair idea with oatmeal

Courteous readers, Happy Monday !

Are you lulled into a sense of safety and slimness by consuming oatmeal and find its taste unexciting right away?

Or do you face tantrums while introducing oatmeal to your kid or even a fussy husband?

Oatmeal Banana Pancakes
Oatmeal Banana Pancakes

I’m sharing a quick recipe with a combination of grain, fruit, egg,butter. I call it little clouds of joy. My son calls it “Oatmeal Banana pancake”. I posted this at http://www.parents-space.com. This is one of the breakfast varieties which my son prefers. I also see to it that the child gains liking to oatmeal and as he grows, I make sure the idea of oatmeal is not blanked out. As we all know, it’s fibre rich and our minds hint to, at the very look of our image at the mirror.  Never mind.

Let’s get snappy.

Click on this link to view the recipe.


Enjoy the rest of the day!


6 thoughts on “A fair idea with oatmeal

  1. Just read your recipe at “parents-space”, I love it and I will need to give it a try ASAP! My son it’s not eating much lately, I think it must be because he’s still teething; it’s been very difficult and worrisome but I will definitely give this recipe a try 🙂 !!! Thank you Rhema! I didn’t know you were a contributor to “parents-space”; glad to know and congratulations too! 🙂

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