There’s one in all of us

It’s been three weeks since I watched “Goddess” starring Laura Michelle Kelly, Ronan Keating and Magda Szubanski. It moved on with many negative comments than positive ones as everyone might know. It sounded to me like a thought provoking and memorable movie rather than one among the films that come under romantic comedy, although it was one. It stirred my emotions.

Kelly enacting her early motherhood with terrible twins would have been quite frustrating for half an hour while some of my female contemporaries have their share of loads for almost 18 hours a day. I would say, she was such a loving, caring and slow to anger person especially when it takes her strength and courage to sustain. I really learnt to slow down a bit with my son and to not run in my pace.

Like every woman who loves to sneak into their own interests, be it any kind especially when the baby dozes off, Kelly did. She played so zestful. Uncompromisingly, her songs were snappy and full of pep. She set up a visual showcase of her exceeding joy with sink songs in her elaborate multi-themed attire.

Every person has his/her childhood days and when it passes, it’s gone forever.  Motherhood starts, grows and matures but never passes. It prolongs further. Inception of motherhood is unquestionably challenging with undeniable energy drain and might hinder other challenges career-wise. But this is worth it. The child forgets his innocence of days which a mom can never forget and put away with it, instead she cherishes every hint of resemblances and actions. However frustrating and tensed state can be, the mother can make it till the end of her success and of her family’s. That’s why there‘s one in all of us. And that’s about being a goddess. It’s through her, comes wisdom, peace and harmony. Many thanks to Kelly !

Kelly singing her sink-songs
Kelly singing her sink-songs

10 thoughts on “There’s one in all of us

  1. hey there Rhema, great name by the way… hope life is great in Sydney,,, and hope family is doing great as well. My sister posted a picture of my mother on facebook today and it was one taken when she was a teenager. Now she is in her 70 and I’ve been thinking all day about the impact she’s had on all seven childen. Moms Rock! Great post… Blessings on you!

    1. Hi Walter ! Thanks. Rhema is a Hebrew word for ” God’s spoken word” that emanates power. We are doing good. Thank you… That picture should ‘ve been lovely for all of you children to see. God bless you all.

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