One day with my son

Last few weeks, I was all engrossed with my son’s activities. Being a good companion for his pre-school library classes and swimming classes didn’t seem to have pacified his needs fair enough. We had to go on further as he never intended to nap since many weeks. I thought my son had never heard of cutting and pasting trick to steal our time. So I got ready with all things necessary. He surprisingly gasped saying “Scissors go snip, snip, snip”. I was pretty surprised to hear from him. He got this from a TV series “I can cook”.  I took him to his table of interest and carefully guided him to snip carefully with full attention not to cut his fingers and eyes wide open. He enjoyed being together snipping and sticking those bits onto craft sheets and carefully heeding to my instructions of carrying scissor without hurting others and never pointing at anyone else or any delicate areas. His dainty little fingers brought a wonderful excitement of creating a lollipop. Have a look at this.



While in the middle of dinner, I happened to have a reminiscence of my mother entertaining me as a child with yellow candle wax in cold water to make cute little ducklings. So thought I should try this out with my son. We collected little candles in different colours, lit them and dropped the hot wax into a bowl of cold water. My son fished out with a clean spoon and dried them on a kitchen towel. With just 3 colours, I tried asking my son what image can be made by sticking little discs of wax on a paper. My son said “Its Timmy time” as it was viewed just preceding this. Picking up cues, I found out he was picturing “Timmy in snow”.  I was amazed to see my son working in an orderly manner.

Take a look at this. Hope you find Timmy in the middle with snow falling on both sides.


The real Timmy
The real Timmy


Besides being tired and entertaining on high tempo, I was ridiculed for being sloppy in my painting and my son scored out and made a fearful flood look. I wonder what you might interpret.



Then we made these fingerprinting with water paint to make humble chickens and all these face one side. You know why? Cause I almost dozed off…



We moved on with a story of fox and the pig. That’s my version of an unknown story. I placed those toys on top of the lamp and switched on the lamp to make it theatrical. Oh God! My son didn’t get tired even now.

fox and the pig


“Parents are not interested in justice, they’re interested in peace and quiet.” Bill Cosby says. That’s why I too give in 🙂


17 thoughts on “One day with my son

  1. lovely post Rhema! your son had fun and he is very creative like the “Timmy Time” ! love what you wrote at the end of your post “Parents are not interested in justice, they’re interested in piece and quiet” 🙂

  2. Ohh wow! My son is almost five and he still struggles with his scissors, hates to paint and well.. he prefers to scream and run around the house chasing imaginary tigers??!!! It is so nice that you can spend time with your child doing all of that… I do not have the patience…. nor the creative instinct….. you are such a great mom! Your son is very lucky to have you!!!

    1. Thank you Antonia. By the way, my child doesn’t think I’m so patient. He corrects me so much you know. I feel like a sister to him. Sometimes, he does that too.. playing with imaginary characters and complains I don’t get it.

      1. I have reserved Saturday for that. So tomorrow is the big day. I myself am excited to think about tomorrow :)… I ll tell you. Thanks Antonia.

  3. Very interesting Rhema…..wonder how many working moms have the luxury of spending quality time with their children and recognise their hidden talents!

  4. You and your son are a wonderful pair, so creative! I especially love the one of the chickens. Rhema you’re a loving mother and I thank God for others out there like you 🙂

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