From sun god to the Son God

Catching glimpse of nomadic civilization in North Mexico might make you feel alarmed. We could find this here and there when we get into history of any civilization  That’s negligence of humane values, loss of human life due to far greater respect for nature.

Dating back to AD1200, in North Mexico was a group called Aztecs. They were known for their tremendous sacrificial acts and implicit obedience to their fearsome sun god. They believed that sun setting in as the death of the sun every night and had no basis for calling for the need to shed human blood to have enough strength for the sun to rise again the next day. So this is what’s reported as happened. They sacrificed 15,000 men a year to their sun god, Huitzilopochtli.. These men were not from their own nativity. They were prisoners taken during war. Sacrifices were imposed on them. That’s so juggernautish !

Someone told a lie and it sustained as truth and was followed by generations after generations. Now as matured and civilized humans, what do we do?.. We don’t sacrifice anyone to sun god. We know killing hurts and cannot take away the sorrow of deaths. Now when someone says truth, it is mistaken as lie and blasphemy with brain-washing doctrines. What a pity!

The knowledge of God, His grace and His unconditional love had brought us free from captivity of all evils. He is our loving heavenly Father full of grace and compassion. It’s extravagant and love that’s humanly impossible. That is the truth. I recently overheard a conversation while commuting. One of them said God can’t be that good, is he? It is our lack of knowledge of God which is blinding our hearts from knowing the truth.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” from Hosea 4:6 . I encourage you readers to seek more understanding and look to our Creator God and Holy scriptures.

God of Aztecs
god of Aztecs

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