A Tamil proverb

Courteous readers, today I like to share a gem of ancient wisdom used in common man’s language implying common sense seasoned with wit and humour. In Tamil, there are a many such proverbs. I like to bring to you the scent of my motherland.

அஞ்சும் மூன்றும் உண்டானால், அறியாப்பெண்ணும் சமைக்கும்

In English, it is better said “If the five and the three are at hand, even a witless girl can cook.”

This implies the necessary five and three elements required to cook an Indian meal. Those indispensable five elements are salt, mustard, pepper, cumin, tamarind and the three undeniable elements are water, fire and fuel. It is damn quick and easy to cook with help. But with these, even a witless girl can cook. I think that explains it all.



9 thoughts on “A Tamil proverb

  1. I like this post and the proverb Rhema, I agree with the 3 ! 🙂 Rhema, I am so sorry for the late response to your question, I answered it today, I hope it will help you! thanks again Rhema! Have a good evening!

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