Jerusalem and Mecca

Dear Readers, Happy Wednesday! I found this quite intriguing hence sharing.

Muhammad and his followers revered the Old Testament and prayed facing Jerusalem. Jews in Mecca were distressed and further disaffirmed it. He claimed his ancestry of Abraham and Moses which Jews ultimately negated the claim that Abraham (Ibrahim) was a Muslim. Finally he broke with them and began to pray facing Mecca, believing that Kaaba was built by Abraham.

Kaaba was proved by historical scholars to have a footprint of Abraham, safely enclosed in glass and metal case. With young Ishmael on his shoulders, he had monitored the construction of Kaaba. Kaaba was called the holy cuboid around which people pray facing the stone irrespective of the places of the earth. It was built as a place of worship and holy house of Almighty God in 2130 BC. This makes Kaaba the first and oldest mosque in history. Ishmaelites had known this as place of Allah.

Muhammad in his era eradicated the idea of keeping Arabian idols in Kaaba when only Allah could reside, provoking the anger of his tribe Quraysh, the supervisory in-charge of Kaaba. So he and his followers moved to Medina.

Certainly rituals are reflections of thousand years of historical incidents. Like the circumstance when Hagar looked for water for her starving son, Muslims journey between two hills of Marwah and Safa.

I will catch up when I get another quantum of findings and resources.

People worshiping at Kaaba
People worshiping at Kaaba

14 thoughts on “Jerusalem and Mecca

  1. Nice post, rhema.
    History is the key to a lot of questions. I sometimes wonder, though, how people can blindly follow a religion without even knowing its history. I say this because, conincidentially, a friend of mine was enraged when I said Christianity and Islam are connected to each other way more than it might actually seem…

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