Courteous readers, today I like to bring to you the bang, and fun and what it is to be and to live for a moment as a cartoon character, if you had not imagined. I would rather say they are much more humanistic than more humans do.  My first alarming response might be seeing and believing to have just four fingers each.  Not scary enough! Let’s not think about the tail or roman noses. It isn’t any good to know when I flee, the dress just hangs for a moment and follows the route 🙂

Thinking as a Powerpuff girl, defending the town from villains and huge monsters and capable of beating summer heat wave by turning everything to ice frosts with just a whoosh of blown air but still coping with bed-wetting problems and a missing teeth. Or scooby-doby-dooing  with bubblegum pop songs or yabbadabba-doing around over newly found diamonds, luxury cars, riches and fame and saying “We’ll make new friends, there’s 4,000 other people in this world! “ .

Or as mouse Jerry, applying every law of physics gambling the treasure chest of cheese? Food goes straight to the gut, but to the tail even. Or as Tom with his guitar strings like whiskers grown for pain and trouble, his greediness and appetition hankering throughout the show. One day of Jerry’s life is much better than a thousand days of Tom’s life, don’t you think?

The other day, myself and my son were watching Dumbo, a much celebrated Jumbo junior of all times. The ideas of my interest were gifts from above, delivered by a postman stork; fellow jumbos with purple eye shadows, Timothy Mouse (the rare mouse friend of Dumbo) who gets to sign a contract with Hollywood, big ears of Dumbo bow -knotted on top of his head.

And also some features which are notably exquisite in Shrek part 2 are the gender confused wolf, the loud and long awaited fanfare and ostentatious display of welcoming monstrous looking princess Fiona with her ogre husband Shrek in their welcome wagon, fairy car whooshing angrily away with majesty and glitter dust, King looking for Ugly Stepsister’s help to cure his daughter’s demonic life at The Poison Apple, King Harold guilefully planning for a Father-son time with his ogre son-in-law Shrek , and the annoyingly talkative donkey elevating himself as a royal noble steed with masterful Puss in boots pitifully touching the heart of Shrek.  Nothing could mend Shrek’s  broken heart until truth takes over and Fiona finds only Shrek as her Prince Charming. It evokes the values. Whom do we cherish? The real ones or the unreal ones?  Is it the one with poor values but a roseate future or the one who lives in swamp but loves truly, madly and deeply?

My perception of cartoon is adding up another dimension to human life. It traverses space, time and matter. It is imaginary.

Though they are manipulated by humans, they are thought provoking. The role of Bugs bunny (my best buddy of looney toons) and Road-runner handling their opponents and their timing is highly commendable, besides being funny. They can be taken to adapt oneself under a tough boss. Not a grim-faced, pulling a trigger, threatening with vengeance and grievance but munching a favourite snack and saying “What’s up, Doc?”… cool..

There’s the other called “Max and Ruby” predominantly capturing the pre-schoolers. Ruby the sister-rabbit helps her brother Max. Also Charlie and Lola, displays a wonderful sibling relationship and encourages children to share, help, learn, and to build positive attributes and habits.

More than I love cartoons, I admire the ones which concatenate with real life issues and values.

Now let me blow you a handful of pixie dust for all the magic of your life!

Jake and the neverland pirates


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