My dear angel

Long long time after Leonardo was born, came a tiny little man with a mix of ingenuity and dexterity. This little man might not have understood his genetic predisposition.

His God-given fairly mistakable innocent-looking eyes and genuine smiles were ready to awaken the hearts and souls. The looks that make a weary person crack a smile; change our moments of frowning to pleasurable sigh. It’s the look that mesmerizes the casually disoriented; to get in sync to his own and secretly stealing the show. It’s the eyes that say yours obediently and also aid in bending the rules and stretching as far till the meaning of the rule is finally forgotten and making him acceptable and unobjectionable. There were proud and joyous moments brought to his mother to have such resembling eyes. He carefully lets out his every possible prank one by one every day to his mother who has been intolerably sleep deprived with bleary eyes and whose body just limping with want of massages; who can manage to give the right food at the dedicated hour but rarely end up roasting a favourite dish.

I remember his toothless grins with his legs swaying in the mid-air making a clown out of himself when the guests arrive. With over-excitement  his mischievous eyes trick the audience and make others a much bigger clown for himself. As the hilarity strikes, he starts with a hint of a giggle and goes on and on chortling and ends in hiccups. His hair curled adding to his cuteness and saliva dribbling on his sides ; anyone couldn’t simply resist the warmth of the tender-heart and peace loving child.

Looking back, I cherish my son’s baby days with few teeth trying to nibble those rice bits, veggies and fruits and others falling onto the plate, failing but prolonging with great encouragement and appreciation.  Food splattered and smeared on his high chair had been a constant concern like any other mother. Cleaning after messing and restlessness had been the order of the day. But as soon as he had dozed off, I realised I started to miss him.

Slowly forgetting his diaper and focusing on education with more awareness and presence of mind had swiftly helped to pass a year. Now as a big boy, he can very well consider being with his new fluff friends Teddington (Teddy bear), Mickey and Naughtie (Pup), with their share of food and wiping their mouths after a tummyful meal as well as his as a matter of concern.  He disciplines them to attend to his story-time diligently and cares to give sufficient space not just for companionship but for its comfort. Though in his nuclear entertainment bunker lie his loving comforts and delights, at times, when he gets too bored, I suggest him to count the stars sitting near the window in his soft cozy sofa. There he starts to yawn to awaken his sleepy head. I sing him a soothing lullaby. His sweet and cuddly good night kiss makes the day worth it.

That’s my son Joen Prince.


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