My childhood considerations

Courteous readers, to watch my son reflecting loads of imagination in his works reminds me of my childhood. To think of my childhood days, living in an extraneous place gives a sad missing feel for my family. I was always happened to be engrossed and imbibed in something around me. Though I wasn’t cut out to be a scientist, my surroundings were fair enough to intrigue me as much as to make some unplanned actions of some sort to arrange, alter or to comprehend properties, nature, capacity, compatibility or unlearn and relearn issues. This is a series of happenings worth cherishing all my life.

I was a 2nd grader then, a granny came home hurriedly. The sight of it demanded attention. Her temporal woolly grey hair swayed in the air and others though combed formed the messy crown and her posterior hairline lay curled on her nape. Her skin was sagging but shone with glory. Her rubbery skin was overlapping and formed every fold. Just the sight made me think; she could not have born as a tiny baby long ago, she might have appeared on earth at this very same age. I simply couldn’t resist thinking of her aging otherwise.

The other consideration that surprised me was when I saw my friend hurt and a reddish fluid started to flow from a cut wound. It was so strange and intriguing though I didn’t get close to the spot. After an hour of examining and analysis, we informed her mom about our discovery with much thrill. She rushed for first-aid; when first-aid was already done unknowingly by me to my knowledge by cleaning in gushing water. My thinking was when only food can be ingested; I rather felt food particles had to be released from the cut wounds.

The other day I unknowingly swallowed a seed of orange fruit along the fruit and informed people around me with fear and shock; they said “Oh no, A tree is gonna grow”. I kept this to myself and pondered about the secret behind those huge muscular biceps. That’s when it struck me. It had to be a mango hiding under every biceps of men.

Also our refrigerator being lit at the opening of the door had stirred me. I had repeatedly tried to open slightly to know the point where the light turned on. That had taken a whole lot of time and sharing with the other curious cats in my classroom had opened doors for many others as well.

Amused at the people in the TV set, I wanted to see and have these tiny beings. Once our TV set got repaired. It was quite unhappy to know there was no one behind when I had actually witnessed the repairing. The thought of those memories make me laugh now.

One day, we went to a valley on a summer evening and a bright firefly caught my attention. They always appeared to me as a little light bulb hanging on their stomachs. My cousin and I planned secretly to catch this at least once, separate out this light bulb thing and to make this a big issue. Out of the few flying, we clasped our hands in the air and wished we had it.  Now it was time to unravel the gift. I insisted her to open our firm hands first. With no option left, she carefully opened and the firefly swiftly whisked into the air. A little sad though to have missed it but with 50% chance of success waiting, I hurried with excitement to open my hands. When I could almost feel emptiness in my hands, I still hoped something will turn up. I opened to see nothing with much disappointment. This catching and trying to catch took an hour and left us tired and hungry.

It took very little things to attract, amaze my young mind and still be happy. It didn’t cost handful of money as to buy an electronic gadget or a play station. Those were the days with less gadgets & stress and more fresh air & atmosphere of rich oxygen. It was all about making human interactions in a natural way not through a tech gadget. Don’t be quick to call myself a silly and crazy girl; I’m happily concerned with nature. I never tend to miss out my friend or cousin or my neighbor to indulge in these simple pleasures.

boy and girl playing outdoor garden waterfountain
boy and girl playing outdoor garden waterfountain

4 thoughts on “My childhood considerations

  1. Every tiny tot is unique to have fantasies exclusive to each. But recollecting the sweet tiny memories later is rarely happening. It is nice you brought out.

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