Hair’s the concern

For a change, let me tell you, courteous readers, of a minor issue. Studying biology had enriched my knowledge and besides, it had molded me to care about nature and its bounty. To preserve nature with pristine beauty and to rather enjoy without much alteration had always been my lesson since childhood. This is a tale of curly hair and their possessors. God-given curls and untamed bushy hair has been a recognizable physical trait of mine.

Long ago in my childhood days till 5th grade, my hair didn’t bother me as they never touched my ears or neck or forehead like a military cut. My Dad took great concern to make an artistic cut so it doesn’t make me sweat. Later on, I wasn’t any happy with my hair bunches because of being constantly ridiculed by classmates and others of my hair resembling the harsh bristles of a brush.  Also it troubled me when they found analogy between my hair and a bird’s nest. Moreover, the back-benchers pinned their pencils into it. I was truly remarkable.

I wished my hair grew faster and longer. But just then, my Dad anticipates the “hair-cutting ceremony”. I sit down obediently with a cloth spread around my neck like a sheep humbly waiting to be sheared.  And being completed absorbed by the cutting of every section of hair at the back of my head, I could say undoubtedly the end result would be as a hairy seed of Calotropis plant.

Every hair stylist at the parlor had something to say about my hair and trying to market their recommended hair products to change its nature from wild and fierce to penetrable and manageable. But my Dad gently untangled every hair knot and simply cherished the kind of hair which I inherited from my mother. My sense followed his hand swiftly moving in his notion of a bobbed hair style of a school girl. We share these memories when we get-together.

When every girl fancy their long & silky hair with braids and pony tails and some with well-defined curls and loose waves, my hair bunch sits stiff and with every wiry strand like whiskers pricking my nearest neighbor . It’s like how a body scent or spray positively or negatively influence a person. Besides fussy girls, I had few good friends who looked beyond my messy hair.

Let me show you a hair strand and its extended version.

Original state
Extended state

It still excites me to see the real length of the hair.

Later, after child was born, I learnt to treasure the gift of dense and crammed hair when some of my female contemporaries were losing theirs. After all, tending nature is a duty of mankind.

1 Corinthians 11:15 says “And whenever a woman grows her hair, it is a glory to her, because her hair is given to her in place of a covering.” How wonderful! I’m truly gifted by God. I’m thankful to God for my hair.


3 thoughts on “Hair’s the concern

  1. Hair, an expression of nature is unnoticeable to some, concerned for some. But it is related to glory now according to scripture. Went inner to it. good.

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