Break it make it

I have been planning to write this post for months now but never quite got around to it.. I got some comments from serious faces asking if I’m dead. Courteous readers, please accept… Continue reading

Winter Sky

Two teary soggy eyes One drippy droopy nose Many chunks of chiselled heart Surfacing on a cold wavy bed sheet Yearning a human touch Seeking to moan in love as much Driven by… Continue reading

Three means…

To say what I know about the number 3 can be a story to remember.  My son is a God-given, adorable angel and I’m seeing him enter into his 4th year. Now that… Continue reading

Backyard on a shelf

Someday there will be backyard for units in “24th floor” until then….

The Operation Business

Our Daddy’s old yellow hammer will have to do; although it’s rusty. I think to myself if my nurse is fairly close. I nod my head in silence, thinking a hammer a day… Continue reading